Skin Conditions That Laser Can Treat – Dermatologist Explains

skin conditions that lasers can treat
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In the present day, laser treatment become very special. Low-level laser treatment can treat your skin condition and help you to heal. It will also give you relief from this comfort, pain and inflammation.

Skin laser treatment can improve your skin quality and skin tone. If you want a refreshed face, then laser treatment can be helpful for you.

The best dermatologist in Patna also recommended this non-invasive laser treatment. It will be painless, so you can get relief from those dead skin cells. However, laser treatment involves multiple visits. It takes time to see visible results. But most of the cases recover fast. Multiple sessions can be required if you want to get a permanent reserve.

Laser treatment is a treatment where you can get rid of your dark spot, wrinkle sunburn. Here are some skin conditions that laser can treat.

#1. Scarring Acne

Ablative laser resurfacing can remove the outer layer of your skin. It will remove your dead skin cells and bring out your more radiant skin below. This laser beam can use heat to the skin layer to stimulate collagen.

Cosmetics treatment can also remove acne from your skin. The laser energy goes deep into the dermis to remove pigments. After the day will produce new collagen. After that, your new collagen production will work to prevent any further scarring acne.

You can also use home skin care to cure your acne problem. Some medicated creams or sunscreen can remove your scarring acne. There are also other alternative ways available. You can get a steroid injection, surgery, or chemical peel to remove your acne. But this skin condition that laser can also treat. You can select what you want for yourself.

#2. Melasma

Melasma is a skin problem on your face. You can see grey and brown patches that appear on your skin. If you tolerate this skin condition, here is the result. Melasma can also appear after your pregnancy.

This condition creates pigmentation on the face. You can see this collection that appears on your upper lips and forehead. 50% of pregnant women can feel these problems during their pregnancy. Dermatologists in Patna prove that this skin problem can be treated by laser. This laser treatment doesn’t have any risks or side effects.

#3. Rosacea

Rosacea is a very familiar skin problem in the world. Twenty million people in the world are affected by this skin condition. This skin problem comes with facial redness and visible blood vessels. If you have this kind of skin condition, then laser therapy can treat this rosacea disease.

The dermatologist can add laser therapy to your treatment plan to reduce these effects on your face. These skin conditions that laser can treat. There are different types of lasers available. It can be used to treat rosacea.

#4. Skin Lesions

Skin lesions can cause in any area of your skin. Which problem is common and comes from any injury or damage. If you work in the sun, sunburn can cause skin lesions. If you get any kind of infection on your skin, then it would be skin lesions.

It can appear on your face as a pimple, acne, or blackheads. Sometimes it becomes painful. Most of the lesions don’t hurt, but if it hurts you, you need treatment. You are some skin lesions, moles, skin tags, freckles, birthmarks or acne.

If these areas can get itchy or painful, then consult a dermatologist. Laser treatment can promote good collagen and remove those painful lesions.

#5. Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation or dark spots on the skin occur because of excessive melanin. Dark spots on the skin don’t need to get treated. These dark spots will come from the skin age or sun. This can also come with some medication side effects.

Different types of laser treatment are available on the skin laser treatment in Patna. Pulse light laser is the most common laser to treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation laser. These laser beams target the melanin and remove the dark spot from the face.

These skin conditions that laser can treat. But other treatments are also available in the market, like chemical peels, cryptography, and microdermabrasion.

Are There Any Side Effects of Skin Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment includes a few risk factors. If you had still laser treatment, then bleeding can be a result. And sometimes, it’s getting painful for some patients. You can also feel the redness on your skin after the treatment.

There are minor side effects, don’t worry. Sometimes it gets an infection and even scarring acne. Some laser treatments are done under anaesthesia. So feel safe getting this treatment. Of course, follow your dermatologist for better results.

After the laser treatment, you should follow the doctor’s fast recovery guidelines. You should take rest after the treatment procedure. Pain and swelling are the common symptoms you can have. Doctors also prescribed painkillers for this. Recovery times are different because of different procedures. After the laser treatment, you should wash your treated area with water.

You should apply the ointment properly. You can use an ice to relieve pain or swelling. At this time, your skin needs more than normal care.

You should regularly use a moisturizer that the doctor prescribes. You can also you serum or creams for relief. Before applying any skin care product, contact your doctor.

After consulting your doctor, you can apply sunscreen serum or any other skin care product. Avoid Touching on that laser-treated area. Don’t do scratching, picking or any other unnecessary activity that can harm that laser-treated area. You should stay away from the heat, cold or sometimes from the sunlight. Please keep that laser-treated area away from any kind of pressure.

Especially at night, you should keep this area upside. Remember, do not use any cosmetics or any chemical products that can cause serious skin problems. This information will help you. Now you will know that these skin conditions that laser can treat.

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