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Our Ortho and SkinCare Clinic with their patient-friendly staff have dedicated themselves to help patients get the best care for their Orthopaedic and Skincare problems. We believe in providing integrated Orthopaedic & Skincare treatments personalised for each patient.

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The Division of Dermatology at Ortho and skin Clinic Patna is known for its commitment towards providing a full range of dermatologic care for common and rare problems of skin, hair, nails etc.Read More + »


More About Our Clinic

Ortho and Skin Care Clinic is an Orthopedics and Dermatology clinic in Raja Bazar, Patna. The clinic is visited by Dr. Saurabh Chaudhary and Dr. Richa Thakur.

Consultation, as well as Orthopaedic and Dermatological including Cosmetological procedures, are done. It is one of the finest clinic based on latest technology and international standards. Our USP is to give you a personalized, comprehensive care by highly skilled medical professionals.

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Specialist Doctors
Modern Equipments

Our Ortho and Skin Care Clinic Provides Solutions To All Bones and Skin Related Issues Here with help of modern equipment and advanced technology.

Team of Experienced Doctors
Patient-Centric Approach
Deliver Compassionate Care
Cutting-Edge Technology
Friendly Admin Staff
Modern Eqipments

Since it’s inception, the primary goal of this establishment has been to provide the most excellent care and service for its patients and 18 years later it has still not wavered from that promise.

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With legacy of excellence we Encourage HealthAttain ResultsSpread Smiles at Ortho and Skin Care Clinic


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