Everything About Osteoarthritis: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Osteoarthritis treatment
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Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis.

It is also called degenerative joint disease. The sole reason to call osteoarthritis a degenerative joint disease is it slowly grows over time.

If this osteoarthritis disease is not treated well then it may create very high-level pain and inflammation in the joint area. It is the inflammation that is caused between the meeting point of two bones.

It mainly occurs in any joint of your body and commonly affects the joints of the hands, hips, and knees. Further, it also affects our lower back and neck areas.

What are the Causes of Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis being the commonly found arthritis affects a large of the adult population.

We specifically mention here adults because 80% to 90% of cases are seen in adults, the rest of the cases which are seen in children can be due to malnutrition or deficiency of any kind of needed vitamin and mineral.

We have cartilage that covers the ends of the bone in the joint area.

Cartilage is a very soft and rubber type of material. It helps in the prevention of shocks. Cartilage also helps in reducing friction in the joints.

Now if this bone-covering cartilage suffers from a breakdown, then osteoarthritis type of problem will definitely occur. Sometimes osteoarthritis affects the back area which is our spinal cord. If osteoarthritis affects our spine, then it is said to be Spondylosis.

Moving ahead we will talk about the 6 main causes of osteoarthritis. these causes include:-

1. Age

It is proved that the chance of having symptoms of osteoarthritis rises and increases with age number.

As you reach the age of 20, you will be having the best phase of your bones and it’s joints. Entering into your 30s, makes you realize that your body and physics are growing older. So, as the quality of our muscles, cartilage, and bones decreases.

The decrease in the quality gives increases the chances of having osteoarthritis.

2. Physical Exercises

In order to maintain and manage our body, we should do physical exercises on a daily and routine basis.

Physical exercise makes the bones and joints stronger. But sometimes, doing excessive or physical exercises or weight lifting type exercises is dangerous. As told above, osteoarthritis is caused mainly due to the breakdown of cartilage at the bone joints.

Excessive physical exercise man calls injuries in the cartilage areas and leads to osteoarthritis kind of disease.

3. Abuse of Explicit Joint

If you are using some specific joint on a daily basis then definitely, the repeated overuse of this specific joint can lead you to osteoarthritis. This is because, after a certain age, your bones and muscles start weakening, and reusing it over and over again can result in abuse of that joint.

4. Joint or Nerve Injury

Sometimes due to some unfortunate and unwanted accidents we get joint or nerve injury. If this joint or nerve injury deteriorates the cartilage that cushions the ends of the bones in the joints then this directly leads to osteoarthritis.

5. Overweight

Being overweight can increase the chances of having osteoarthritis by 10 times.

Being overweight is a risk factor for every kind of injury and damage. Also, being overweight is itself an issue. So first try to maintain a healthy weight. If you are overweight then the cartilage that is covering the end of your bones will have to be more stressed.

Your hips and knees will face the stress of your excessive weight. and these cases, add this up having joints and nerve injury increases making a part to osteoarthritis.

6. Hereditary

It is also said that osteoarthritis can be caused due to hereditary reasons. This is due to mutation in genes for collagen. These types of arthritis may appear at a young age. Also, osteoarthritis can be passed through generations.

What are the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis?

The top five most common symptoms of osteoarthritis are:-

1. Feeling pain in the lower back area and neck area

2. Swelling may be caused due to cartilage collapse.

3. You will feel that you are not able to move your joints.

4. Redness in that specific area

5. Joint stiffness can occur

Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a type of Joint disease that cannot be cured fully and perfectly.

However, some methods can ease your pain slowly. These methods include medication and some kind of physical exercise.

For the proper treatment of osteoarthritis, contact the best Orthopedic doctor in Patna. If your osteoarthritis problem has become severe then he may ask you to go through surgical treatment for osteoarthritis.

Some methods of treatment for osteoarthritis include:-

· Exercises– If you are suffering from osteoarthritis then you must be in pain and movement of joints and muscles are difficult in these kinds of conditions.

Therefore consult your best orthopedic doctor for any good exercise program and plan to fight osteoarthritis pain. Do some stretching exercises and it will definitely reduce the stiffness of your joints.

Reduced stiffness will help you do many strengthening and balancing exercises.

· Chiropractors- You can consult any good physical therapist or chiropractors who are well knowledged. Chiropractors will help you to do some kinds of pain-relieving exercises.

· Weight loss- If you’re having extra fat then a much more multiplied stress is falling on your knees back and feet and hips. Try to have a healthy diet to lose weight.

· Medication- Osteoarthritis is directly a bone and cartilage disease. You may also have to visit the nearest orthopedic doctor. They will give you the perfect and needed medicines and vitamin supplements to reduce the side effects of osteoarthritis.

· Devices- You can use some supportive devices such as braces, orthotics, shoe inserts, and walkers to improve mobility and function.


From the above conversation, you can get help in understanding everything about osteoarthritis. In the above blog, we have mentioned six main causes of osteoarthritis and the top five symptoms of osteoarthritis.

The above steps for the treatment of osteoarthritis will definitely help you entreating your problem in a better way.

Hopefully, you have found all the above mentioned information informative and helpful.

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