5 Essential Winter Skin Care Tips That You Should Follow

winter skin care tips
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Everyone faces the problem of dry skin mostly in the winter season because of the low humid weather condition.

As the air itself doesn’t have moisture therefore it sucks the moisture from the skin making our skin dry. Thus, it is very important to keep our skin and body hydrated during this winter season.

Hydration can be achieved by drinking a sufficient amount of water per day combined with a good skincare routine.

Hydration plus skin care can help you to keep your skin moisturized for a long period of time.

In case you are facing serious dehydration and dryness issues then you can consult Dermatologists in Patna for winter skin care tips. Dermatologists can provide you with a proper winter skincare routine for dry skin.

Besides all this, this blog will help you to know how to keep skin moisturized in winter naturally.

5 Steps of Winter Skin Care

Here are 5 steps that you should follow to maintain your winter skincare routine.

1) Cleansing

The first step for caring for your skin during winter is deep cleansing. Whatever skin type you have, Dry or Oily; deep cleansing is essential.

Especially before going to bed at night, you should wash your face. You can use mild cleansing soaps. The products which contain moisturizer and milk ingredients in it will be more Suitable.

This will clean all the makeup, dirt, oil, bacteria, and germs from the face.

2) Exfoliation

The second step after cleansing is exfoliating. Only cleansing is not enough. You should also exfoliate your skin by scrubbing at least two times a week.

This will remove a lot of those dead skin cells.

Removal of dead skin cells is very much important because these dead skin cells cause cracking of your skin. The exfoliating scrub you buy should be soft and mild and dermatologist recommended.

3) Tonner

The third step is using toner on your skin just after exfoliating. Use a cotton ball for applying toner on your face. dip the cotton ball in the toner and gently apply it to your skin.

After exfoliation, the pores on our skin open up. These opened-up pores can attract germs and bacteria toward themselves. Therefore, the closing of this port should be done by using a good quality mild toner.

This toner will help in restoring and lock moisture in the skin. Toner also helps in restoring the pH level of your skin and smoothens your skin tone.

4) Moisturizer

The fourth step is moisturizing your skin. Now apply oil-based moisturizer on the skin. Moisturizer should be applied on wet skin. This will help in locking the moisture more perfectly.

Many people complain that after using moisturizer also they feel their skin is dry. The main reason behind this is they are applying it on normal and rough skin. The main work of moisturizer is to lock the moisture of your skin.

For this, you should apply moisturizer on wet skin only. This will help you retain the moisture of your skin for a longer period of time.

Overnight moisturizing treatment is a must needed thing in the winter season.

5) Sunscreen

You should apply sunscreen if you are going on any day out. Even in the winter season, the sun is producing the same way heat and light. This heat can cause tan and dryness on your body.

Therefore, sunscreen will help to fight against the UV light of the sun. Sunscreen makes a barrier between our skin and the UV light which does not allow UV rays to harm our skin.

Thus, preventing our skin from dehydration, tanning, and dryness.

Mentioned above were thee 5 basic winter skin care tips. Now, moving ahead, let’s have a quick look at dry skin signs and treatment.

Signs of Dry Skin and Their Treatment

The lack of nourishment can lead to dryness, itchiness, and parched skin.

Mostly in winter the season when 80 to 90% of people suffer from skin dryness. In general terms, our skin looks unhappy. You can make your skin happy by just taking good care and by following some winter skincare routines.

Here is what you can do to fight these symptoms of dryness.

1. Cracking– If you start noticing cracks in your skin then you should first wash and clean that area with water and lather. Then apply some antibiotic cream. This will help you to fight little cracks.

In case you are suffering from redness, pain, swelling, or infection then you should contact a Skin Doctor in Patna for better treatment.

2. Scaling – Scaling happens when the skin does not get the needed moisture to maintain itself. To avoid this, you should take short and cold showers during winter. Very hot water can dry out your skin causing flaky skin.

3. Roughness – You can feel roughness in your texture due to dry skin. You should apply moisturizer and oil-based cream to avoid roughness.


From the above conversation, you can get help in understanding everything about how to keep skin moisturized in winter naturally.

In the above blog, we have mentioned 5 steps of winter skincare that you should follow on daily basis as your winter skin care routine.

The above steps for the treatment of dry skin will definitely help you in treating your dry skin in a better way.

So that was all for this blog on winter skin care tips. Hopefully, all these pieces of information helps.

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