What are the Causes of Back Pain in Kids and When to Worry

Causes of Back Pain in Kids
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Back pain in kids is normal these days. Many kids are suffering from back pain. Back pain usually causes during the middle age or teenage. The major reason for back pain in kids is due to obesity.

They can also get back pain when they do too many sports activities. When they carry a heavy backpack at school, It can also cause back pain in kids. A normal school kid can have this problem.
There are various types of causes of back pain in kids.

Here, we are discussing the causes of back pain in kids. We will also tell you when to worry about this problem.

#1. Stress Fracture

Stress fracture can cause in the spine. It is a very common reason of back pain in adolescents. Sometimes the kids don’t even know that they are injured. The symptoms will take time to show if your kids feel pain from fractures.

It can be painful in the place where the break causes. The pain can worsen when they are trying to move or feel better when resting.

There Are many types of stress fractures. The most common type is spondylolysis. It’s a backbone injury that happened in the spinal code. They are also a type called bending backwards. one can have this problem when they are into gymnastics and diving.

Kids with a stress fracture can also feel stiffness in their back. This can affect their walk. The kids can also start feeling numbness and tingling in their legs and back. Kids with stress Fracture don’t need any surgery.

It can get better with physical therapy or chiropractic care. You can also correct it by wearing a brace.

#2. Muscular Pain

Muscular back pain is a common cause of back pain in kids. Sometimes they can say that their back aches and feel sore. This pain occurs because of muscle strain or ligament strain. Kids who play sports intensely have a risk for these injuries.

This posture problem can lead to back pain in kids. It can also become a long-term discomfort.

Children who are overweight can also have back pain from extra stress. The extra weight is put on the back muscle, bones and ligaments so they can feel back pain. You can’t diagnose it with an X-ray or MRI.

You have to ask your pediatric orthopaedic doctor before doing any tests. They will provide you with the right test. Muscular back pain can get relief by using heat or ice treatments. You can also get benefit from physical therapy, yoga, massage treatment or stretching program.

#3. Disc Problem

The disc problem occurs because the soft cushion between two vertebrae is ruptured. The disc can push the nerve and the spinal cord. In kids, the disc is very elastic. It helps the spine to handle any force. As we get older, the disc loses its elasticity. But discs can also rupture in kids’ backs when they experience too much force.

Symptoms of a disc problem are leg weakness and leg pain. The kids can also feel numbness and difficulty while bending. You can diagnose disc problems by MRI test or any X-ray test. Disc conditions can solve without surgery.

If the pain worsens and you feel nerve problems, it’s a nerve injury. For this, you have to get surgery to relieve the pain from the nerve.

#4. Spine Infections

Kids can get an infection in their spines. The symptom of spine infection can vary from person to person. The main symptom of this infection is back pain and low-grade Fever. In this condition, you can also feel same headache and vomiting. You can also feel lightheaded and have behaviour changes. At this time, you will feel stiff. Viruses or bacteria can also cause this infection. Spinal infections are Hard to diagnose.

The best spine surgeon in Patna can give you some tests to diagnose The infection. Abnormal Blood tests can show infection or inflammation. Imaging tests can also help to diagnose spine infections. You can get relief from this infection by using antibiotics.

Surgery can be an option if the infection damages the spinal cord.

#5. Tumors

Bone tumors can cause Back Pain in kids. The born tumor occurs in the spinal cord. A spinal tumor is an uncommon cause of back pain in kids. But the best Patna surgeon consider it a possibility of back pain in kids. Other tumors cause a lot of pain, but it doesn’t show this symptom.

You can understand this problem by weight loss or generalized illness. Spinal tumor treatment depends on the type of tumor. Some spinal tumors require surgery, but they can also get treated by a combination of treatments like medication and radiation.

When to Worry About Back Pain in Kids?

There are many other possible reasons to have back pain in kids. It can also be a minor cause of light pulse muscle but also can have a serious cause. Back pain is a more serious problem in kids than in adults. While some kids have back pain at the age of 4 or younger, many 6-year-olds complain of having back pain. The child’s back pain especially occurs at night. When the pain lasts a few weeks, you should consult a Pediatric Orthopedic Doctor in Patna.

While it is a common disease in kids and adults, many children have back pain. Reports show that the infant also has back pain symptoms. Kids who play sports or carry heavy backpacks at school have back pain at night. They are many reasons to have back pain in kids, And some are already discussed. So contact the best spine surgeon in Patna for your kid’s back pain.

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